August 25, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Launch

by Nu'nkuruji

Virakar storms Tarnished Coast for Guild Wars 2 launch!

I'm proud to announce Virakar has chosen Tarnished Coast as it's Guild Wars 2 launch server. If you're here to join us, please head over to our Guild Wars 2 recruitment thread and apply here.

We're looking forward to World vs. World competition and the challenges the world of Tyria has in store for us.

April 25, 2012

Guild Wars 2

by Nu'nkuruji

For those that donít troll the boards religiously, it is my pleasure to inform you we are putting the band back together for Guild Wars 2!

This weekend will be the start of semi-open beta, and several of us will be actively playing to get a first hand understanding of the game and mechanics. If you are interested in joining up with us please stop by the Guild Wars 2 forum. There you will find information on the game, and the latest information on our in-game plans.

For those of you that know absolutely nothing about the game here are some key high-lights:

No Subscription Fee. Yes you read that right. There will be an in game store where you can buy pets, pretty outfits, and XP boosts, but nothing game breaking.

No Group Looking for Healer. How many hours have you spent sitting waiting for a certain class to log-in and join your group? Not anymore. Classes will be able to fill alternate roles, and there will not be a single class that is the dedicated healbot.

World vs World vs World. I think it is a fair statement most of us are tired of Faction vs Faction, that is usually massively unbalanced in terms of numbers, gear, and organization. Instead of being locked into combat with the opposite faction on your server indefinitely, Guild Wars 2 will rotate your opposing servers. At all times we will be at war with 2 other servers.

Personal Story. Similar to SWTOR there will be a personal story that you will experience as you level. Your actions will differentiate your story (and your home instance).

Dynamic World. Go kill 10 rats! Not anymore. Instead of reading the same spiel from the dude with an exclamation point over his head, that every other player in the world read, quests are dynamic. To get a quest, walk around the world. You might hear guards yelling for help that Ogres are coming, and they will be overrun if adventurers donít take up arms to defend the barricades. Guess what? If you donít go and help the guards, ogres will overrun the barricades and they may begin to lay siege to the nearby city and start killing NPCs.

Dynamic Dungeons. Dungeons have two modes story and explorable mode. Story mode will advance the gameís story, and explorable mode will be to go back and experience the dungeon in different ways at higher level. Explorable mode will have dynamic events that will change based on your actions and random chance.

Auto-Leveled Arenas. For Typical scenario battlegrounds and competitive tournaments all characters are set at max level and given equivalent skills and gear. You no longer have to spend 100s of hours leveling and gearing out an alt to be competitive in PvP.

Underwater Areas and Combat. Two words: Kedge Keep.

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