The protocols are designed to facilitate an atmosphere that allows our members to interact with each other in an agreeable manner. Furthermore, they are designed to ensure that the organization is represented well to outsiders. The Elders have the final say on all issues of this nature. The Elders also reserve the right to overrule protocols or reprimand individuals for behavior not covered in the protocols, as long as doing so is in the spirit with which the protocols were made. Every member, regardless of rank, is required to follow these protocols. Every member, regardless of rank, is required to follow the rules set out within each branch by the Branch Leader and IC, as well as the general policies set out by the Elder Council and the Guild Leader.


- Members are to be dedicated and loyal to the guild for as long as they play with Virakar. Any players who are found to have a character that conflicts with our goals or overall productiveness will face possible removal from the guild.

- Certain information about our guild is not to be shared with others outside the guild. Watch what you say to others, even your close friends who are in other guilds. They and yourself may not think that it is important information, but sharing that information could prove detrimental to the guild. Likewise, consult your Branch Leadership concerning account sharing with players outside of the guild. There should be no account sharing with people outside of Virakar if your account has access to guild assets. The Virakar Member is ultimately responsible for the actions of characters on his/her account, regardless of who is playing those characters.

- Guild members are expected to pull their own weight, and contribute to the common goal of their branch. Games we will be involved in will have different goals, and levels of commitment. Make sure that you are doing what you can to progress the goals of the branch.

- All guild events and certain important discussions will be posted on our forums, as such; being active on the Message Boards is needed. While you do not have to be active every day, it is highly encouraged you check the forums several times a week.


- Virakar members will not use exploits or hacks to deviate from the intended game-play experience of the developers. This primarily pertains to exploits/hacks, which are game-breaking (gold duping, 3rd party programs which enhance combat, etc.). These infractions will be looked at on a case-by-case situation. Please consult your leadership BEFORE you considering using any 3rd party programs for any game that we are involved in. This could result in removal from the guild.


- Harassment of any kind is not tolerated. This includes players outside of the guild as well as within. We take this behavior VERY seriously and any member found to be harassing or threatening (RL or otherwise) another player for any reason will be dealt with harshly. PvP combat is almost never considered harassment.

- Flames, personal attacks, taunting, trolling, or any such behavior will not be acceptable actions by our members in game, or out of game. Respect for all players is important to remember. We should let our actions in game speak for us.

- All members are considered representatives of the guild to the outside world. As such, members MUST conduct themselves in a responsible manner. If you find you can't meet this requirement, then you need to remove yourself from the situation. Period. Ninja-looting, scams, or any other such actions that reflect poorly upon the guild will not be tolerated.


- In guild related matters, the opinion of the guild is your opinion. Do not conflict with the decisions of the guild in a public manner. We will have a place for disagreements within our own private forums. You may certainly disagree with the leadership, but handle it in a discrete and mature manner.

- Arguing with members in public will not be tolerated. Use a private means for your disagreements to be worked out, such as PMs, tells, or private guild forums.

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