Virakar was founded in 2002 while playing Shadowbane. As the guild grew so did our friendships and the desire to play together in future games. Following Shadowbane, we have had a presence in World of Warcraft, Star Wars Galaxies, Vanguard, EVE Online, and Warhammer Online...

While the mechanics of those games varied greatly, a few things have always defined Virakar. We began in Shadowbane as a roleplaying guild, playing as Irekei, the red-skinned race, conquering the Desert in the name of The Dragon. The name Virakar comes from the Irekei language, tranlated as “group of the desert." Despite our roleplaying image, our enemies knew we were a force to be reckoned with in PvP. We prided ourselves on our coordination and ability to out-maneuver other guilds, often winning even when outnumbered. This mentality of being at the top of the field continued in future games. In World of Warcraft we continued to excel at PvP, but adjusted our play style to fit the game and shifted our focus to the game's main challenge, PvE. With each new branch, we have met and overcome new obstacles, making us stronger and more adaptable to future games.

Finally, along the way we have picked up countless great members. And really, at the end of the day, that is what Virakar is about. We are more than just a community of gamers. Of course we appreciate the respect of our enemies and its nice to be seen as very good at what we do, but we are all here because we simply enjoy playing together. Virakar is many things, but above all else, we are a family.

We will undoubtedly transform and change in the years to come, but these words represent much of where we have been. If these ideals resonate, we hope you'll look further.

Some quotes from enemies in past games:

"Ya'll have been fun to fight. By far the biggest and best class acts in SB..." (Shadowbane)

"VA has their shit wired tight. Best siege guild I've seen. Period." (Shadowbane)

"It was a good run, and a classy exit, and that's from a nation who had an R8 Tree pulverized by them. ;-)" (Shadowbane)

"You guys are reborn hard and taking names." (World of Warcraft)

"I don't know how your group of 15 noobs completely destroyed an alliance of 550, but it did. The carebears left, the Executor left, our principal FC's left, and now there's nothing left but a husk. Their parting words, "[censored] Virakar." (EVE Online)

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